Required Items

Dish soap, cup, microfiber cloth, card (Tesla key works)


Step 1

Mix a small amount of dish soap with slightly warm water


Step 2

Ensure the Model 3 door sill is properly clean before beginning (dry with a microfiber cloth)


Step 3

Soak the entire Model 3 door sill with soapy water


Step 4

Wet hands with soapy water


Step 5

Peel the film from the paper backing (do not allow it to fold on itself)


Step 6

Align the film on the Model 3 door sill with equal space around edges


Step 7

Use the card to push the water out from under the film (start from the center and work outwards)


Step 8

Dry any leftover water with a microfiber cloth



Remaining bubbles and water will disappear within 24-48 hours

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